Vitamin C A Friend Or Enemy

Vitamin C A Friend Or Enemy
Vitamin C has been used as an oral supplement for promoting good health, particularly immune health, for over 60 years. But lately, experts have begun to doubt the traditional benefits of Vitamin C and raise some interesting questions.
Can Vitamin C really treat or prevent the common cold?
Can it benefit cardiovascular health?
Can it slow down the aging process?

Some research trials show convincing results, while others show no efficacy at all. Dispelling some of the dilemma, a recent study sheds an impressive light on another positive aspect of having Vitamin C incorporated into your diet.

In a research study conducted by Montreals Jewish General Hospital and the affiliated Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research, researchers noted that 20 percent of their acute-care patients had extremely low levels of Vitamin C. Subclinical deficiencies of Vitamin C are associated with psychological abnormalities. The study published in Nutrition (May 2010) noted that researchers observed a significant, rapid, and statistical improvement in emotional state by administering Vitamin C supplements to their patients.1

More Vitamin C Health Benefits

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a water-soluble vitamin needed by the body to form collagen in the bones, cartilage muscle and blood vessels. There is some evidence from research that also suggests that Vitamin C is necessary for the effective absorption of iron in the body. Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant vitamin because it helps protect cellular health. As an antioxidant, its application is being studied for its protective effect against certain degenerative ailments. 2

According to the National Institutes of Health, Vitamin C is known to play an important role in maintaining proper immune function and shows possible efficacy for treating the common cold. As an anti-aging agent (topical application) it may help reduce wrinkles caused by sun exposure. There is, however, insufficient evidence to prove whether Vitamin C may benefit cardiovascular health, but studies show it may help support healthy blood pressure. Healthy intake of Vitamin C helps to maintain bone health, skin, eye and lung health.3

High-Quality Vitamin Manufacturing

For supplement companies, these are all great reasons to add a high-quality Vitamin C supplement to your product line, or improve the quality of your existing Vitamin C supplement. Vitamin C is a popular supplement choice enjoyed by thousands of Americans. Among vitamin sales, Vitamin C has continued to hold strong in the marketplace. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, Vitamin C was the most widely used single supplement in 2007 and posted a sales of $ 884 million that year.4

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