Healthy Eating with Cast Iron

Healthy Eating with Cast Iron

The first thought that crosses your mind when you think about cast iron cooking may not be the healthy dishes you can create with your cast iron cookware. Though fried foods, cobblers, or bacon are all popular cast iron foods to make, it is easy to create healthy dishes with cast iron.

Cast iron is a great alternative to other non-stick options, as it does not use chemicals to create the non-stick surface. It also means no unhealthy fumes will be put out in to your home or food while cooking. With a well-seasoned cast iron pan, you can use less oil in your dishes and still have a non-stick effect that means less oil is transferred to your meal, making it healthier for you. Additionally, when you cook with cast iron, your food picks up some healthy iron from the pan itself. This can help you get the needed amount of iron you need in a day, and cooking sauces or acidic foods in your cast iron will increase the iron infusion.

Healthy meals are easy to create using cast iron cookware as well. You can create healthy low fat and fat free meals with ease that the whole family will enjoy. You can heat your meats thoroughly and brown them to perfection without the use of excessive butters or oils. Similarly, vegetables are easy to prepare and remain crisp and delicious or are perfectly seasoned and cooked. Breakfast does not have to be full of bacon and sausage. You can throw a few eggs and vegetables of your choice into a cast iron pan to create an easy healthy omelet. You can leave the yolks out if you are watching your cholesterol.

You can use your cast iron cookware for all of your cooking needs because they are very versatile pieces of cooking and baking equipment. A cast iron skillet is great for a healthy stir-fry, a chicken dinner, or even a roast dish. You can create healthy flavorful soups and stews in a cast iron Dutch oven, and even fruit infused desserts are possible with the right cast iron equipment. Cast iron grills help reduce fat in many meals and are easy and convenient at home or on the go. You can grill chicken, pineapple, or prepare hamburgers with ease without worrying about serving a fatty meal to your loved ones. Healthy whole grain breads are another great cast iron staple, they can accompany a vegetable and rice filled soup, or a beef stew.

The healthy benefits of cooking with cast iron speak for themselves. They are reason enough to switch to cast iron. 


After retiring from Boeing, Philip Winterholler, a Vietnam Vet, decided to pursue his hobby of outdoor cooking, and opened , a storefront that features traditional, rugged cast iron pots and pans to share his passion with others.