Healthy eating plan to beat diabetes

Healthy eating plan to beat diabetes
Diet has changed a lot in the last 100 years. Today's typical diet will not only make you overweight but its lack of fibre rich carbohydrates can make you feel hungry soon after eating. Worst of all it can put you at risk for diabetes and heart disease …
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6 Ways We Can Use Taste and Smell to Optimize Our Nutrition
According to a 2013 article in Science, sweetness helps humans identify energy-rich foods, whereas saltiness and umami signal the presences of electrolytes and amino acids, respectively. And if you ever popped a wild berry from a bush in your mouth and …
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4 Unexpected Health Benefits of Zinc
T 3842951104_94daac67b5_z he benefits and uses of zinc have been studied for hundreds of years because of the important role it plays in our world. The International Zinc Association describes zinc as a natural element essential to humans, animals and …
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