Dr Campbell: Vitamins and supplements

Dr Campbell: Vitamins and supplements
Examples of common vitamins and minerals include calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, etc. When it comes to regulation of vitamins and supplements, there isn't much. Supplements are for the most part unregulated by the FDA. The only rule that supplement …
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How to Trick Yourself Into Buying Healthier Food
Savvy shoppers know the two golden rules of the supermarket: shop the perimeter, where the fresh produce is stashed, and never go to the grocery store hungry. Now, a series of new studies adds a third rule: eat an apple before you shop. People who did …
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How I, a Carb-Loving Italian, Have Managed to Make Pasta Healthier
Several essential nutrients. It's rich in folic acid, a B vitamin that's essential for women before and during pregnancy — it's necessary for proper development of the human body. Beyond that, the vitamin can prevent anemia, cervical cancer, and strokes.
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