Combat Ringing Ears With Zinc Rich Foods

Combat Ringing Ears With Zinc Rich Foods

With the advent of modern technology where at almost every blink of an eye, new inventions are made, and far and greater horizons are discovered. It’s not a wonder anymore why there are more cases of ringing ears. But what is this Ringing ear disorder? What are its symptoms? What causes this disorder? Well Ringing Ears is simply a ringing noise, but in some patients it takes the form of a high pitched whining, buzzing, and screaming sound. This disorder is commonly known as Tinnitus. In itself it is not a disease but a symptom which results from a range of underlying causes.

These infections include ear infections, injury from loud noises and foreign objects or wax in the ear. This is also a side effect of taking medications like aspirins. Tinnitus can be intermittent and continuous. This can be very stressful and very suffering to the patient. With regards to its causes, Tinnitus is usually caused by loud and extreme noise. And with today’s advancement in audio technology such as iPod’s and MP3’s, the growth of these cases rises – some at younger age. Although this condition needs to be healed as soon as possible, the consumption of foods rich in Zinc can help ease the condition.

Zinc plays an important role in health. To name its common function, this mineral plays an important role in the growth of sexual growth. To the case of ringing ears, Zinc deficiency has been known to exacerbate and cause ringing of the ears. So Combat Ringing Ears, with Zinc rich foods. Try having these–Spinach – This one very good source of Zinc. If you are suffering from ringing ears this is one good source of such mineral. What’s good about spinach is, it’s cheap and it holds more benefits than just the needed mineral. Fish – Again this food is an every day commodity we see in our local food stores.

Apart from a good source of the said mineral, they are also a good source of proteins, which we need in our day to day activities. Chickpeas – These are healthy alternatives for those who have Tinnitus. Meat products and cheese – Although they are not the healthiest food options, these foods are rich in zinc, of course “all in moderation” should be in mind. Liver – Liver is particularly good in zinc. So if you have Tinnitus this you may want to add these to your food menus. Veggies and Fruits – indulge in fruits and vegetables which has very high zinc content.

Among them are avocados, squash, cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and radish. In fruits, these include the Kiwi’s, bananas and peach. Serve yourself with a salad of these dressing. Although ringing ears is not a disease, one should take proper action if someone in your family has this. Doctor’s advice will always come in handy but reinforce it with Zinc rich foods will help ease the condition.

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